About Us

About Us

Lumish Beauty, established in Girne in 2022 and continuing its service, demonstrates a dedicated approach to beauty. Our team, which is built on the motto of flawless natural beauty, has become one of the most popular beauty centers in Girne. Our personnel, who offer skin and body care using modern and scientific techniques, promise our customers immense satisfaction beyond their expectations. They have successfully achieved maximum levels in line with this goal.

Lumish Beauty Beauty Salon

Lumish Beauty has quickly gained popularity among beauty salons in Girne and has become one of the most recommended salons in the city. Since our establishment, we have reached hundreds of customers in a short period of time, offering services in permanent makeup, laser hair removal, skincare, professional makeup, and silk eyelashes, reflecting the joy of being a successful salon to our customers.

Our center, which diligently follows all developments in the beauty industry with a professional approach, continues its journey with the same excitement as the first day. Thanks to our team, who are especially friendly, understanding, hygienic, and most importantly, capable of empathizing with the desires of our guests, your dream appearance will become a reality. Our center, which always strives to carry the Lumish Beauty name to the highest standards in the services we provide for Girne and its surroundings, can be contacted and supported during our working hours. You will appreciate the diversity of services that we offer, ensuring professionalism at every level.

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