Plasmalifting is an aesthetic treatment method used for skin rejuvenation and renewal. This treatment is carried out by injecting platelets enriched from the plasma part of the blood into the skin. Plasmalifting aims to provide tightening, wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation on the skin by increasing collagen production.

Plasmalifting treatment first begins with a sample taken from the patient’s blood. The collected blood is subjected to centrifugation and the plasma part is separated. The resulting enriched plasma is injected into specific areas on the face. The growth factors contained in the plasma help repair the skin, increase collagen production and rejuvenate the skin.

Plasmalifting treatment is usually quick and relatively painless. Local anesthetic cream can be applied to the treated area before the application. The plasma injection process usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. There may be a slight burning or tenderness after the procedure, but it usually goes away in a short time.

The results of plasmalifting treatment usually become more noticeable over time. After the treatment, skin tightening, reduction of fine lines and a healthier skin appearance in general are obtained. However, the results may vary individually and the duration of permanence may differ depending on the age of the person, skin structure and the number of treatments applied.

Plasmalifting treatment is an option preferred by many people because it is a natural and minimally invasive method. Side effects are usually minimal, but in rare cases, mild swelling, redness or bruising may occur at the injection site. Therefore, it is important to consult an aesthetic clinician before having plasmalifting treatment.

Plasmalifting is an effective treatment method that aims to rejuvenate the skin and give it a healthy appearance.